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Are these Chinese authentic trainers making a comeback?

Hi friends! I've been quite busy with my internship, but finally got a chance to continue my blog now.

So, I came across this on Instagram one day:

These shoes remind me of those Chinese ‘Liberation’ shoes that my grandpa used to wear (worth RMB 28 = less than CAD $5).

‘Liberation’ shoes were worn mainly by the Chinese military back in 1950. Recently these green rubber-soled canvas shoes were rebranded and redesigned. They are now being sold at a price of $75 in the European and US markets (source from China Daily).

Another success story of rebranding is the ‘Feiyue’ shoes. These were popular in 1930s among Shaolin monks and other martial arts trainers. After being in trend for decades, Feiyue shoes were gradually forgotten until a French company discovered them in around 2006. They recreated the brand and redesigned them to sell to their western consumers. (source from Wikipedia).

After being spotted on Poppy Delevingne, fashion website WhoWhatWear has labeled ‘Feiyue’ as the potential it-girl sneakers. I’ve gotten a pair recently and I have to they are more comfortable than Airmax.

As seen on my favorite fashion blogger @yujiapeng0103


As seen on @大酒窝明明:

‘Huili’ shoes AKA ‘Warrior’ is now being sold along with ‘Feiyue’ in western market. Warrior was treated as working class shoes back in the 60s. These brands were once considered as ‘bumpkin’, especially after foreign brands like Nike, Adidas became popular in China.

Retailer the Remade has collabed with Chinese artist K.YEE to recreate ‘Warrior’ with concepts taken from the off-white sneakers. They can be purchased through this link : http://theremade.cn/products/%E5%9B%9E%E5%A4%A9%E4%B9%8B%E5%8A%9B

BRB, I’m gonna go get a pair now.

It is quite interesting to see how old-fashioned clothing is coming back in trend. Fashion comes and goes. Let me know if you've noticed any crazy fashion trend that's making a comeback now.

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