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Blazer, a trend that will never die Pt.I

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

You can never go wrong with a blazer.

Blazer is my ride or die, number one essential in my wardrobe. If you still don't own an oversized blazer, it's time to invest in one now.

Blazers have evolved from office lady staple to a rather casual piece that you can throw on top of anything. High street brands like Mango and Zara, have also introduced linen blazers for summer. Although I'm not a fan of linen fabric, but they do look cute, also could work as a bikini coverup.

You can dress it up on a date night. Inserting some bathroom selfies here, LOL. I got this nude blazer from Mango, link is in my recent Youtube video.

As seen on @Savislook:

Savi chose the fun polka dot sheer dress to balance out the conservative black oversized blazer. Those 'dad' trainers spiced up the whole look as well.

About to say that you don't want to invest in something which can only be worn for special occasions? Don't worry, you can definitely dress it down with jeans and graphic tees for a daily coffee run look.

As seen on @bayagorbusha:

There are three types of blazers that I am in love with. I do also prefer oversized boxy blazers more than straight suits as they feel too serious.

1. Checked pattern

The Prince of Wales check has been a hit since last year. I guess most designers took that hint and started to be more creative with checks.

This is a classic prince of wale checks blazer that I got from Mango. (I know, Mango again. They do have a lot cute blazers tho.)

As seen on @savislook:

Beautiful colour combinations, yet a bit over my budget.

Great example of how blazer works for clubbing too.

If in doubt, pair it with black leather.

Reposted from @revolve:

Be smart with layering.

As seen on @evachen:

What else can be a neater look than an off-white boxy blazer?

Blue denim partnered black checks, as seen on @bayagorbusha:

Who said houndstooth suit is out of date? Shot by @collagevintage2:

Perks of having a boyfriend, steal his suit!