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You either love this or hate this

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

If you browse as much Instagram as I do, you may have already noticed that 9 out of 10 fashion bloggers have been carrying this Dior Saddle Bag.

Rumours started in March, saying that Dior is relaunching their iconic Saddle Bag. There were still second-hand vintage ones on @Whatgoesaroundcomesaround and @theRealReal, however most are probably sold out now.

I first saw this bag on @Devonleecarlson, who totally rocked it. Pink and leopard print, perfectly balances and creates a sweet but sassy look.

She bought this in store at @whatgoesaroundnyc.

The Dior saddle bag was known for its recognizable shape and logo embellished canvas in the early 2000s, also was defined as the It-bag for all fashionable girls of that era.

As seen on Paris runway show, the 2018 version has also included the ones with black leather. Although, I still prefer the original vintage look. Let me know of your thoughts!

As seen on @evachen212, the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram:

As seen on @doina:

As seen on my favourite @songofstyle:

Available in store at @whatgoesaroundnyc:

It seems like all designer brands are in love with this big, bold logo trend in 2018. Here is how other designer brands brought back the 90s vibe.


As seen on @gucci runway show:

As seen on @big.chantelle, rocking the classic LV bag:

As seen on @rach_louey, styling Fendi's revitalized retro double F's:

If you are as extra (rich) as Kylie Jenner, there is Fendi stroller too:

As seen on Kylie, repost from @kyliejennercloset

I used to hate goyard... But the more I look at this, the more it attracts me.

@goyard clutch bag:

As seen on @asaprocky, periwinkle Goyard cross-body bag:

Reposted from @pinterest:

Some may think having the logos all around the bag is iconic and classic, some may say this is too much and they still believe in'Less is more'. Let me know what you think!