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Everything you need for a date night Pt I.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Qixi festival AKA the Chinese valentine's day is approaching, some couples should've already started planning for their date night on Friday.

This festival is originated from a Chinese mythology in which a cowherd fell in love with a fairy who was also the seventh daughter of the Goddess of Heaven. Fairies were not allowed to marry a mere mortal. As a punishment, they were banished to the opposite sides of Silver river, only being able to see each other once a year. So each year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month in China, magpies would fly over and form a bridge to let the couple reunite.

Now back to our topic, are you struggling to come up with a cute outfit to celebrate this romantic occasion? Don't worry, I got you covered.

What to wear

I. If you prefer to shop smart, buy things that can be constantly used for new outfits. Skirt might be your first choice!

As seen on @madelynnfurlong, rocking the @pacorabanne skirt:

The design and colour of this skirt can be risky to work with, it can look tacky if you wear the wrong top and shoes. Madelynn pairs it with a graphic tee which also has a tiny red slogan matching with the skirt's colour. The transparent shoes ensure that no more complicated patterns/designs are added to this outfit. Putting together a great outfit is always about finding the right balance, whether it's the balance of colours, or the balance of patterns.

As seen on @mvb, Marie von Behrens, purchased through @netaporter:

Slip skirt has been a hit this summer. It saves you from the suffocating jeans or too-casual shorts. Like I said, it gives you endless styling options as you can top it with a bodysuit in summer, or throw on a hoodie or sweater in winter when it gets cold.

As seen on @majawyh, purchased through Anine Bing:

As seen on @mventosamartin, similar piece can be purchased through Theory and Vince:

As seen on @ropesofholland, purchased through &other stories:

Leopard print slip skirt, how cute!

Lily Ashwell:

II. Be hella extra

There is never trying too hard or putting too much effort into an outfit, it's all about wearing whatever you are confident with and in love with. If people say that you are showing too much skin, screw them! Show your confidence and rock the look girl!

As seen on @deborabrosa, purchased through Saroka Official:

The Amalia Tie back top from @Becandbridge:

III. Too lazy to put together a whole outfit? Cute dresses and jumpsuits are always the choice.

Available at @Becandbridge, polka dot slip dress:

Iconic pieces from @orseund__iris:

Eden jumpsuit in Black, on sale now!!! Available at Revolve:

Reformation is a go-to place to shop at if you are looking for dresses:

As seen on @maryleest, tropical halter dress purchased from LPA:

How to take cute photos:

Girls should stop blaming their boyfriends for taking bad photos of them (I am guilty for this.) We should learn how to pose better and give out the best angle. Here is an example of how @songofstyle Aimee Song does it:

Notice the secret yet? One hand on cheek, leaning forward to give that perfect 45 angle.

Want to get your boyfriend in the shot too? See how @allegrashaw did it:

For all of you who don't celebrate Qixi, I hope this still helps. These tips apply to all date nights.Feel free to leave your feedbacks, let me know what topic you want to see next!

Lots of love, xoxo.