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  • MaddieZ

Cowboy boots, the wild wild west vibe

2018 is all about embracing your wilderness. With all these hype over animal prints and cowboy boots, are you ready to keep up with this western frontier fashion?

Here comes the thing with vintage, you can't make it look like you are literally wearing something that you dug out from your grandma's closet. I mean, accessories are essential . You need to be sure to add some modern touch to the vintage look.

If you want to be more safe with this trend, check out how these fashionistas style cowboy boots. I've also picked out some cowboy boots inspired chelsea boots for ya, which are more practical and less high-fashion looked.


Top with a blazer:

@Jo Ellison:



Show your legs:








With straight/wide leg pants:


More options here, click on the image to access the page:


I will be posting less often these four month due to a heavy workload at school. Will try to post monthly! Check back for more updates please. xoxo